• Plan + Design + Develop + Sustain

    Reverse Engineering health assets to build sustainable solutions.
  • De-risk

    Building a profile of services based on market needs is evidenced to de-risk both the development and operation of the health asset.
  • Enhanced Value

    Health planning and delivery expertise that maximises the value of your health investment and enhances operational effectiveness.
  • Dedicated and Experienced Team

    Business owners remain actively and directly involved in all consulting projects.
Health Engineering and Health Operations

Health Engineering and Health Operations


Health Engineering and Health Operations together provide a collaborative, innovative and strategic approach to health consulting. Their understanding of the key drivers and risks associated with healthcare business, coupled with their experience of sector’s unique potential means that they will work closely with you to find the most risk-free, cost-effective and advanced solutions for your project.

They strategically PLAN and DESIGN services, then systematically DEVELOP and SUSTAIN components to operationalise the project. This reverse engineering application uses systems, processes and procedures which are associated with demonstrable success across the health and community sectors.


A thorough analysis of potential site locations, regional needs, health service supply and stakeholders builds a profile of a successful and sustainable health business. These form some of the main components of the PLAN + DESIGN + DEVELOP + SUSTAIN model.