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Experience, expertise and quality

Our health management consultants, Chrissie and Kerron, share extensive knowledge and experience within the health services sector. (Click here for more information)

Chrissie and Kerron provide evidence-based methodologies with practical implementation solutions. In-depth data analysis is undertaken, alongside qualitative and quantitative research as well as advice on the overall strategic direction for the project.

Chrissie Norton

Chrissie Norton

Chrissie is a Health Process Engineer with broad range of research, analytic, development and project management skills.

She is a compassionate team player with a strategic focus and the capacity to engineer innovative mechanisms to deliver healthcare infrastructure and programs to communities in need.

Through a rare blend of technical innovation and health system intelligence, Chrissie commands a professional skillset offering the ability to:

  • access, analyse and interrogate big health data;
  • model and predict health demographics;
  • synthesise and enhance models of care;
  • develop integrated funding strategies;
  • produce and interrogate complex commercial feasibility studies;
  • engage health professionals, organisations and communities;
  • co-design health programs;
  • simulate and optimise care solutions, and
  • deliver care programs matched to health needs.
Kerron Bromfield

Kerron Bromfield

Kerron has a background in Human Resources, Operations and Business Management. She has extensive experience in healthcare and other business sectors.

Kerron has a collaborative management style, based on mentoring and coaching, in-order-to achieve optimum performance and results. Kerron can manage varied and competing priorities whilst effectively delivering on agreed timelines.

Kerron’s extensive experience comprises:

  • key stakeholder consultation & engagement;
  • partnership establishment & facilitation;
  • strategic service planning;
  • competitor evaluation & assessment;
  • health system & support structure design;
  • workforce planning & recruitment
  • budgetary & financial management;
  • risk monitoring, management & oversight;
  • project & consultant performance management;
  • execution of integrated health hub projects;
  • start-up & operation of large medical centres;
  • national management of corporate medical centres, and
  • comprehensive management of healthcare practices.


Our Projects and experience

We have worked on projects at a national, state and regional level throughout Australia. Our current clients include large privately-owned companies, universities, private equity funds, private superannuation funds, public & private hospital providers, hospital foundations, not-for-profit organisations, property developers and general practice principals.